Success Mindset Secrets About Referrals From Sales Expert Elinor Stutz

Top Sales expert, author, speaker, elinor stutz guest blogs about success mindset

Top Sales expert, author, speaker, elinor stutz guest blogs about success mindset

This is very special guest post from success mindset specialist, sales expert, author, speaker, top-rated influencer and founder of SmoothSale,  Elinor Stutz.  

Before Law of Attraction became popular, early positivity proponent Napoleon Hill talked about the importance of the success mindset. Later, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins encouraged people to keep a positive attitude to attract more of what they wanted in life.  The highest paid salespeople know their success depends on surrounding themselves with excellence. And that includes their referral partners.

Here is a harsh reality: The referrals we receive reflect the ones we provide.  A top producing sales strategy is to understand your client’s perspective first, so that you may bridge it with yours to find common ground. And, so the real question is, are you providing the quality of referrals you would like to receive? Are you projecting the success mindset you want to attract?

The norm is for people to make introductions in the hope of making money on the back end.  An old saying heard in the IT field is,‘garbage in and garbage out.’ But what if an outstanding introduction comes your way, will you pay it forward?  Will you project the success you expect to have, even if the result comes much later? Let me share a story that illustrates the better type of connections and referrals.

Years ago, I met Linda at a conference. At the time, her expertise was in marketing and mine was in sales. Since then, we both expanded our knowledge, became authors, and have continued our friendship. We have also provide ongoing promotion of one another.  One day, Linda sent me an introduction to John.  I enjoyed an invigorating conversation with him. John then volunteered a referral to me of his own.

My success mindset of ‘paying it forward’ yielded a referral goldmine!

The pay it forward conversation was with Greg.  Our initial dialogue was in consideration of my being a guest on his podcast.  Greg then sent me a copy of his book to read. The subject matter was meaningful and motivated me to voluntarily provide a review of the book on Amazon. And I did have the opportunity to be interviewed on Greg’s podcast and share my story with his audience. The conversation was compelling. Afterward, we spoke about working on a potential project together. And I reciprocated the gift of his book by sending him a copy of mine.  The ‘pay it forward’ concept continued as I recommended another colleague as a guest for Greg’s podcast.

When we are in good company, appreciation for one another develops. Admiration brings about ideas for the better referrals and our success mindset expands. Over time, Linda and I became admirers of one another and came to recognize the people that may help each of us further.

Beware that the opposite of providing excellent referrals is that some contacts from our network may find us intimidating. Those of us who  continue to grow, may scare off others in our circles.  Accordingly, unpleasant remarks may come our way.  Take note, because the negativity can creep into all areas of our lives where we allow it.

Our success mindset is determined by the people we are around the most

Consider the type of people with whom you keep company.  Are your peers negative or positive minded people? If your answer is ‘negative,’ do you find these people holding you back or stalling achievement? And if you are among positive people, are you in the habit of promoting and referring one another? If the referral partners you have do possess a passion for excellence, perhaps a change is in order.

Concentrate on those friends and peers who share a success mindset, reciprocate and help one another achieve more. Strive to develop a dynamic network for the better opportunities to come forth.  When you do, you too will enjoy the chain of ‘pay it forward’ high quality referrals.  These lead to the Smooth Sale!

Success Mindset Sales Tips

  1. Strive to be in the company of those who like to help
  2. Reciprocate and volunteer help
  3. Build a strong network of like-minded peers
  4. Exchange ideas for promoting one another
  5. Make introductions of the same success mindset caliber
  6. Report back to the referring party on the merits of the conversation
  7. Offer ideas for collaborative efforts to your peers and referrals
  8. Share your personal story and vision for where you are today
  9. Ask for the personal story of those you meet
  10. Celebrate Success!
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